(11 June 07): FTP is back up! I also have updated the server list. See the menu box on the left for the link.

(7 April 07): I do plan on putting the FTP server back up soon since the RPGN Torrent Tracker has been down for such a long time and may never come back up. I'm doing a massive revamp of the FTP listings, adding a ton of stuff from #gamemp3s. I'll make another annoucement when the time comes.

(14 August 06): I just listed Shenmue Orchestra Version on eBay. This is an excellent cd. You can find it on my server if you don't believe me. Someone please buy it! ^_^

(7 August 06): I'm back, baby! the FTP server is up and running. Read the forum post for details. Login information can be found at RPGamers.net.

(16 June 06): Added 35 albums to my list. I'm seeding about 13 torrents on the RPGN Torrent Tracker. Feel free to make a request there for something I have. Cheers!

(23 January 06): Holy cow... Has it really been almost a year since I updated this? The news, yes. The server listing, no. But I have to tell you folks (as if you hadn't already noticed), the server hasn't been up in quite some time. This is due to a variety of reasons. Partly because I recently graduated from college, and partly because of my disinterest in vgm in general. I sold almost all of my actual cds a couple years ago because I needed the money and didn't really care about owning the originals anymore. (I do still have cd-r backups of every album I ever owned.)

Another reason why I quit putting a lot of effort into the ftp server is because Locke started up the new Torrent Tracker. If you don't already know what bittorrent is, take a look at the tracker page and read the FAQ. It's good stuff, believe me. So in lieu of running the ftp server, I've been uploading and seeding requested albums via bittorrent. Currently I have 14 going at one time, and it doesn't take up nearly as much bandwidth as the ftp server. What we really need, though, are more leechers. Ha, yeah you read that correctly. Most of the torrents don't have any leechers! Strange. There's some really good stuff on there, too. AND you can request whatever you want. There's no guarantee someone will post it, but I bet you there's a better than average chance someone will.

And with that, I say adios for now. Hope you all are doing well. I will be back sooner than I was last time. :P

(23 February 05): The new machine is built and the server is back up and running. :)

(18 February 05): This is unbelievable... TWO DAYS after I get it all set up the machine I was using died. I don't feel like posting the story right now, but I have ordered the parts for a new machine to take its place. It was ordered tonight, and should be shipped next week. If you want to know what I bought, see my post in this thread.

(16 February 05): I'm still alive, heh. I'm setting up my second (old-ass) machine to run G6 while sharing networked drives from this computer. Ram for the new (old) computer should be here soon. In the meantime, I'm adding about 33 new albums that were previously unsorted in the Temp directory.

(15 September 04): Site's been down for a while. My web host had some problems, but everything should be ok now. The server itself was down before that because my new processor didn't play nicely with my motherboard. So I finally got that all straightened out. Server should come back online sometime next week. (Hurrican Ivan is coming through here this weekend.)

(28 July 04) Added a Marketplace section (link on the left). I've downloaded a huge number of newer #gamemp3s releases. They are in the [Temp] directory on the server, as I've not catalogued them yet.

(27 July 04): Holy Hell, I fixed the footer images and news/ban list sizing problems. Thanks to Laban for helping me find inconsistencies in the CSS.

(26 July 04): Added a shoutbox to work as a message board. ;)

(25 July 04): I think the site is finished. Complete server list, links, help, and some buttons were added. I can't believe I got all this shit validated in XHTML 1.0 Strict. Rock on.

(19 July 04): Started construction on new mirror site. FTP is back up. Connection is unstable due to Comcast being a shitty ISP. (Hey, at least they don't charge for extra bandwidth.)

(14 July 04): Transfered site from comcast.net to bamatone.lintbox.net.